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Our mission:
The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce, a membership organization who exists to advance the commercial, industrial, agriculture, cultural, civic and general economic interests of Wayne County.

It is supported by businesses of all sizes, industries, nonprofit organizations and individuals.

“The Wayne County Chamber is set to be the “pace-setter” for our local business community and to advance or expand Wayne County’s economy. We are full of resources enabling others to make introductions and gain traction to build their business.” - Christy Carter, Executive Director, Wayne County Chamber of Commerce

Our Why
The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce wants all types of businesses to grow and succeed. When businesses prosper, the community prospers.

What We Do
The Wayne County Chamber is the most respected and powerful voice on business issues in the community.

The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce strives to provide: • Resources to its membership to foster business growth • Leadership development opportunities • Quality programming and events • Ongoing communication to its members • Support to community events and projects
Vision Statement:
To pursue excellence and economic growth in Wayne County through strong leadership, community partnerships, education and developmnet of the business community.

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What Our Members Say
"I valued the Chamber when I opened my practice because of the networking opportunities and the information available. After my practice grew and I found that I had less time for active involvement, I have found that I value the chamber more. The Chamber uses its influence in our community to assist business owners and further its overall commitment to making Wayne County a better place to work and run a business. Whether you are in a position to attend each Chamber function or you simply reap the benefits of your membership behind the scenes, the Chamber is their to support your business! For this I am grateful."

~ Samantha F. Jacobs, Attorney

"I was recently asked: 'Ryker, why did your company Carter Group Real Estate join the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce?' After talking with some member of other Chamber of Commerce business. I realized that they are many reasons we should join. 1. It will help bring credibility and increase visibility for us in the community. 2. It creates networking opportunities and helps us gain a unified voice in government. 3. The Chamber provides programs and events to help us make our business more successful and efficient in many ways. 4. The Chamber promotes and advertises our company. After going so far to do some of my own research. I found out that if consumers know that your business is a member of the Chamber. They are 63% percent more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future. So after realizing all of this. It was a no brainer for our company."

~ Ryker Carter, Land and Investment Specialist
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