Wayne County Chamber of Commerce
Legislative Agenda
Each year, a county-wide pro-business legislative agenda is prepared by the Wayne County Chamber, with members’ input, and presented to Wayne County’s legislators.
  • Workforce Developments
    A talented, dedicated workforce is vital to the development of a healthy community. To grow existing and new industry, the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce must ensure Wayne County employers have access to a skilled workforce. Therefore, the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce must support educational resources and initiatives to foster Wayne County’s young talent into engaged employees and thoughtful leaders to guide Wayne County forward.
    • WCCC supports policies and appropriate funding to ensure classrooms are adequately equipped with the materials and resources to educate students from pre-K through 12th grade.

    • WCCC supports funding for Coastal Pines Technical College to expand their campuses and grow service offerings for prospective and current students.

    • WCCC supports measures that attract and retain quality teachers, especially in high-demand subject areas (e.g. science and math).

    • WCCC supports innovative policies that will inspire students to pursue a career path in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics.

    • WCCC supports alignment of curriculum with identified workforce needs of the business community in Wayne County.
  • Governmental Stewardship:
    The cornerstone of good government is effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and accountability. To guide Wayne County through these challenging economic times, it is important that our elected officials, at all levels, lead in a manner that strengthens confidence from the citizenry and business community.
    • WCCC supports the implementation of polices that will provide long-term efficiencies and budgetary predictability at all governmental levels.

    • WCCC supports efforts that promote strong intergovernmental cooperation, including holding joint meetings.

    • WCCC supports consideration by community leaders to consolidate select services between government entities in Wayne County.

    • WCCC supports the creation and implementation of a county-wide strategic plan to advance Wayne County forward.
  • Business Development:
    Business attraction and expansion are critical components to a prosperous community. To drive economic growth, policies and regulations should strengthen Wayne County’s economy by creating a business friendly environment to accelerate corporate investments and new job creation from existing and prospective companies.
    • WCCC supports policies and regulations that are globally competitive and engender a pro-business environment.

    • WCCC supports multi-year funding commitments for the Industrial Development Authority of Wayne County.

    • WCCC supports thoughtful measures that are supportive of existing industries – agribusiness, manufacturing, forestry, healthcare and eco-tourism.

    • WCCC supports policies and reasonable tax incentives to stimulate entrepreneurialism and small business growth.

    • WCCC supports taxation policies that are fair and equitable and favorable positions Wayne County for economic development.

    • WCCC supports policies and regulations that are based on reliable, thorough, and peer-reviewed analysis of best available data.
  • Healthcare:
    A thriving, local healthcare industry is an essential element to Wayne County.          
    • WCCC supports efforts to implement health information technologies that improve medical care.

    • WCCC supports measures to develop and adequately fund a statewide trauma care network.

    • WCCC supports initiatives to prevent costly mandates and maintain benefit flexibility for employers so that they can provide health insurance for employees while keeping their business solvent.
  • Agribusiness:
    Agriculture is the main driver of the state's economic engine with a contribution of more than $65 billion annually to Georgia's $786.5 billion economy. It is also a primary source of employment for Georgians, with one in seven in the state working in agriculture, forestry or related fields. For two-thirds of Georgia’s counties, agriculture represents the single largest component of the local economy, including Wayne County. Therefore, it is critical to keep agriculture in the forefront of legislators’ minds as it is an industry of the future as well as the foundation on which Georgia was built.
    • WCCC supports policies that strengthen food safety and provide consumers with the highest quality food.

    • WCCC recognizes that agriculture requires a diversified and viable workforce.

    • WCCC supports efforts at the state level to continue to keep agricultural interests in the mainstream consideration of Georgia’s overall economic development strategy.

    • WCCC supports the Georgia Grown Program and encourages local businesses to take advantage of this opportunity to market its products and services.

    • WCCC supports continued local and state investment in Georgia’s land-grant institutions, specifically, in continuing to strengthen Georgia’s Cooperative Extension Service Programs.